Tim Hawkinson

Tim Hawkinson

The Tim Hawkinson catalogue raisonné contains detailed records for all of the artist’s works from 1986 to the present, with select meaningful student works dating back as far as 1979, encompassing his entire boundary-breaking career thus far. Thousands of color images illustrate Hawkinson’s more than 640 artworks to date, and his written descriptions augment the reader’s understanding of key artworks. The catalogue is organized into chapters that highlight the artist’s unusual use of everyday materials, which range from latex to eggshell to found art objects that he transforms into creations of his own.

The catalogue contains more than 100 whimsical self-portraits and 31 clocks made from milk cartons, toothpaste tubes, and other commonplace objects. Photography of individual artworks is supplemented with installation views, in-progress images, audio files, and videos showing kinetic works in motion. Comprehensive exhibition and literature histories document 150 solo and group exhibitions and 300 bibliographic entries. A living catalogue raisonné, the publication is updated as Hawkinson completes new works. This catalogue raisonné is the most up-to-date resource on the artist’s career.

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